AUDITION INFORMATION:  Virtual auditions for the 2021 30th Anniversary Tour Team
 Dancers will need to fill out the intent to audition form by Monday September 21.


A link to videos of dances they need to learn will be sent once the intent form is filled out.

Videos will include a character section and a clogging section. Dancers should also submit a 32 count clogging freestyle to music.

VIdeo submissions will be due NOT LATER than midnight Sept. 30

Videos should be uploaded to YouTube, Google Drive or Dropbox and a link to those videos will be submitted below. PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO SUBMIT VIDEO FILES. LINKS ONLY


Videos will be reviewed by a panel of judges and dancers will be contacted about signing up for an interview with Clog America Board members via Zoom

Cost       $110 ($10 audition fee, $100 tour deposit refunded for those not selected)  You can pay on
               this website on the donation page. 
*Must be 16 years old by August 31 to audition  
*All those INTERESTED in auditioning please click the form link found above.
Tentative Tour Dates are:

 July 7- July 26 or 27  To include festivals in Germany and Poland

Please wear dark clothing and wear clogging shoes as well as gym, dance and/or character shoes. Ladies should have hair pulled back away from face.
You will be asked to fill out an information form  There are also team rules and standards that must be signed.
Funding:   The tour may cost approximately $2200 per person. There will be partial scholarships performers can apply for. Additionally, we will give you tools to use in fundraising efforts including special individual sponsorship proposals, letters for a letter-writing campaign and corporate matching fund possibilities. We will need to know how much funding help you will need with your tour cost.
Personal Conditions:   If your participation is linked to others, we need to know your feelings.
Rehearsals and Performances:   Rehearsals are held once each month usually between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at Project Dance Studios at 13174 So. 5600 West in Herriman. You will be given a schedule later.
Costumes:   Costumes are provided. Guys provide their own cowboy boots, black jeans, white clogging shoes and converse shoes if doing Rock and Roll. Girls provide white clogging shoes, black character shoes, white tennis shoes if doing Rock and Roll, a specific pair of black pants, flesh colored leo, dress shields, tights and wiggie.