Humanitarian Work


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Past CLOG AMERICA Humanitarian Projects
2005- Moscow, Russia: Refugee children through OPORA
2006- Passo Fundo, Brazil: Needy children through SOCREBE, Emilio Lopis Home for displaced children
2007- Cagliari, Sardinia: Shelter for Battered Women
2007-Zywiec, Poland: Hospital for mentally disabled, ZPOW Homes for displaced and orphaned children
2008- Martigues, France: CAMSP for autistic children, Hospital of Martigues Pediatric Floor
2008- Barcelona, Spain: Refugee children through ONG, Bomberson Humanitarios for children of Chernobyl
2009- Maribor, Slovenia: MDM Battered Women’s Shelter
2010- Athens, Greece: ACS Athens “Village Project” for young victims of the fires in the Peloponnese
2010- Istanbul, Turkey: Nakipoglu Rehabilitation and Therapy Centers for Children
2011- Maiorca, Portugal: St. Martin’s Home for Children
2012- Poland: “Krokza Krokeim” for disabled children Zamosc and Lublin Children’s Hospital
2013- Jacmel, Haiti: Kay Angel Orphanage
2014- Belgrade, Serbia: “Zdrinka Pavlovic” Children’s Home

Humanitarian Aid - We're More Than a Performing Group

Its true that touring the globe representing the USA in Folkdance Festivals is one of the primary functions of Clog America, but did you also know we take time out of each tour to serve those in need? An article printed in the Brazilian newspaper "Diário Da Manhã" in 2006 says it best:

“The group Clog America from the United States brought much more than dancers and props to its appearance at the 9th International Folklore Festival in Passo Fundo. Some suitcases came full of gifts to the needy children of the city. Close to 800 items were given to the charitable group SOCREBE and, this Thursday the 24th the Americans gave another 200 items to the 36 displaced children at the Emilio Lopes Home.”

According to Clog America, the idea to bring gifts came in October, when the group received the invitation to come to Brazil. At that moment they decided they should do something for the needy children in the country. Knit hats and blankets were made and donated from six states and then delivered by the group. 30 hygiene kits were also delivered, having been prepared by children from the United States. The surprise moved the coordinator of the home, Sergio Augusto de Oliveira, who said the gift was received with great love. “Principally to see people from so far away contributing to us. This is a moment that will be remembered forever and the donations will be well used by our children”, he said.


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